50% chance to be CEO, if you are a CMO in #BTOB

Why your company's CMO might be its next CEO

Getplus's insight:

Interesting article from Mashable Why your company's CMO might be its next CEO that states that your CMO has 50% chance to be the next CEO ! Among all reasons why he will be the chosen :

  • CMOs are highly data literate

"The modern CMO has more access than ever to data about how customers become aware of the brand, their path toward purchases and which experiences bring them back to the brand for more"

  • CMOs know how to combine creativity with data literacy

Marketers know data and technology, a great base for the CEO roles of today. But they also know how to see business solutions through a creative lens. CMOs have a great understanding of what’s working, what’s not and how to shift creatively based on the behavior they’re seeing. This is the perfect combination for leading a company to solutions-oriented initiatives driven by customer wants

Source : http://press.getplus.fr/p/4050451010/2015/08/31/50...


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