Infographic - The Marketer’s Guide to #B2B Marketing and Sales

In order for marketing to be highly correlated to revenue, marketing has to be tightly integrated into the B2B sales process. To effectively integrate marketing into the B2B sales process requires delegating the front-end of the sales process to marketing and this can be successfully accomplished through a sales and marketing plan.

Getplus's insight:

This infographic on Marketing and sales Process in B2B delivers some interesting insight and tendance on SMB market :

  • Marketing Team is 1 - 5 people
  • Sales team is higher than 16 salespeople
  • Inside sales team is higher thant 16 inside sales people
  • Salesforce is the Number 1 CRM tool used
  • Average sales price is in the 25 - 50 k$
  • Sales cycle is equaly distributed from 3 - 6 - 12 months
  • BANT is the most used qualifing methodology

The only thing is that study was made on 247 respondents on the US market, which is a very low statistic to be taken as is.

And for you, in which segment are you ?

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